This is goodbye…

Hi there, it’s been a long time since I’ve blogged. After thinking long and hard, I’ve decided to shut down this blog. I have loved this space for so long. Since 2008, I’ve gone from having a blog shop here to an Amazon webstore, and then stopped that, got pregnant, and gave birth. After that, I launched my own collagen peptide supplement brand and I just can’t keep up with blogging as a hobby.

I don’t like not being able to blog and I don’t like not putting effort into something I love. So since I cannot be as passionate as before, I will stop. I need to de-clutter before the end of the year so I can feel refreshed for 2016.

Another major reason for not blogging about beauty is that I think I’m over being a “beauty junkie”. I don’t have any drive to check out new makeup because I have amassed a sizable collection in which the majority has expired or going to be expired — any liquid products that I bought more than two years ago has to be dumped. I look at all my cream shadows drying out in their pots and I feel guilty for not using them more. It’s such a waste of money, too. I would prefer to have the bare essentials that I use daily and only buy when I need to replace them.

As for skincare, I recently went through a bout of another “sensitive skin” breakout of rashes and acne on my face so I decided that it’s just not worth going through this tiresome cycle of getting my skin into good shape and then I would itch to try non-sensitive skin products. After a few months, my skin would protest and I’ll be back to using boring unscented, uncomplicated formulas plus I’ll be saddled with a bunch of products that I cannot use. Enough is enough. I need to accept my skin for what it is. I’m tired of thinking, “My skincare is so boring!” I feel the need to pair down this illogical desire that just doesn’t fit my skin type. Right now the only thing that is not breaking me out is jojoba oil and Bioderma’s Atoderm cream. Yup, very simple and boring but I’m okay with that.

I just want to thank you for joining in my blogging journey for these seven long years. If you have bought a product or two from me — thank you for contributing to my little family. If you have left comments — again, thank you for connecting. Believe it or not, I got very attached to reading and replying comments so it’s very hard to part ways but I know it’s for the better. I’ve also stopped reading other beauty blogs on such a frequent basis because I have simply lost the need to keep up with every single new trend coming out.

I still love the world of beauty products, don’t get me wrong, but I am just not obsessed. I also still love putting on makeup when I have the time — daily grooming is still very important to me!

I’m not sure if I have many readers left after dithering on and off for two years since the birth of my son when my time became extremely limited but I thought it would be rude to just not say anything to the few folks who are still following Beauty Box Online.

Will I start a new blog? I might go back to keeping a personal blog because I think I have a few friends back home who do check in and read personal updates — it would be a shame to stop that, but for now, I need a clean break.

I will leave the blog as it is until I have to let go of this URL. さよなら。。。