Beauty Tip: Drink Organic Apple Cider Vinegar


Hello my dears, thank you for your sweet comments over at my Everyday Neutral Look FOTD post. I feel encouraged to do more FOTDs!

For the past few months, I’ve experienced less heinous breakouts and when it’s not the dreaded time of the month, my skin actually looks pretty clear. I still have pigmentation like freckles and acne scars, but overall, I feel like I’m not really missing a step and feel happy with my skincare routine (a more in-depth post is coming up soon!).

One of my secrets is drinking organic apple cider vinegar with water daily. My skin wasn’t horrible when I started three months ago in September. I’d read an article on Gala Darling’s blog (I love her and read every post she writes), called My #1 Beauty Secret…At A Grocery Store Near You!, in July but waffled over getting organic apple cider vinegar in Japan. However, when we finally got a serviced apartment in NYC in the fall, I bought a bottle of Braggs Raw Apple Cider Vinegar at a health food store and have been tipping a tablespoon into a cup of water every morning.

When I got back to Tokyo, I scoured the Internet for organic apple cider vinegar in Japan. I found one at Natural House but I don’t know if it is raw. I’ve gone through one bottle already and am on my second so I think raw or not, it does work. How does it work? I think it acts as a gentle detoxing agent so your system is clearer inside and out.

I sometimes tip some into a glass of water mixed with green powder to make it (the green powder, I mean) go down easier. And sometimes apple cider vinegar on an empty stomach can be quite harsh, so I try to take it with breakfast or even wait till the afternoon and drink it as a refreshing beverage instead of plain water. I take anywhere from one to three tablespoons a day.

Now that it is colder, I’ve taken to mixing apple cider vinegar with warm water — mmmm, cozy.

I wouldn’t say my skin has become perfect but I feel that it is clearer and easier to manage after three months of daily consumption (except the 10 days I was on the West Coast). My breakouts aren’t so “violent” during the time of the month — maybe one or two spots on the chin — but the rest of my face doesn’t really get spots, except the odd clogged pore. There are so many other benefits to drinking apple cider vinegar — read here — so I think you would be crazy to pass up this simple but brilliant beauty drink.

Do be warned that it is not advisable to drink apple cider vinegar neat because it can damage your teeth, throat, and stomach, so always dilute it with water! It may take some time getting used to it, especially if you don’t like sour or vinegary flavours, so try holding your nose while chugging it down, and in time, your taste buds will come around.

Have you tried drinking apple cider vinegar regularly? Have you seen any positive effects? What else do you eat/drink for great skin?


  1. I used to be obsessed with Braggs ACV. Diluted with water and drank it every morning,after meal and after workout,used it as toner, as final hair wash rinse after conditioner and I can see it was beneficial to myself until many of my friends get noticed and tried it too. After 2 years,Ive found out that whenever I took it,I’ll get rash on inside of elbow and my neck too -which is very itchy and very painful. I have no idea why suddenly I’ve developed such irritation. It is also happened whenever I used baking soda to exfoliate – too bad,my skin was very smooth,acne-free and glowing when I used these. Aaahh missed that moment!

    P/S: Have you ever tried pennywort juice? I drink once daily and also put the extract on my face. Super glowing face! Just wondering how long I could take it before my body gives adverse effect T_T

  2. @Juanneth: That’s quite a mysterious effect that ACV and baking soda has on your skin. I’ve not heard of pennywort juice but sounds very interesting…

  3. eeep! i used to drink this for beauty purpose too years ago – mainly for slimming. after finishing 2 bottles, i decided that i couldn’t stand the smell anymore. i just wanted to vomit whenever the smell came near my nose >< maybe i should conquer my fear and restart this habit again

  4. @xin: Oh dear. I know what you mean though. I used to drink wheatgrass (powder form) daily but I find it harder and harder to swallow because it tastes so bad. But it does my skin wonders and keeps my insides in tip top condition. Oh and I used to drink an unstrained juice of carrot, beets, and lemon for skin too – the combo just makes me shudder. I think everything in moderation and I love this drink because I really like the taste of ACV. Perhaps try to add a sweetener like stevia or maple syrup or agave?

  5. I hadn’t heard of drinking apple cider vinegar before, but I’ll have to look into the idea. I’m usually ok with vinegar flavors, so maybe it’s worth a try :)

  6. @Dovey: Yeah give it a fair go – it takes a couple of months to see some significant effect though.

  7. Ooh thats a great tip! I was drinking warm water with lemon every morning but I kinda fell off on that and just squeeze a bunch into my green tea now. I’m curious about this vinegar trick though!

  8. Love your blog! After taking ACV in the morning for the past 3 years, I’ve noticed my digestion is much better. A good way to prevent damage to the tooth enamel is to always drink it with a straw!

  9. Thanks, Aya! A straw is a good idea. I do feel that ACV affects my sometimes sensitive gums. Will try that.

  10. Your skin is looking great! Actually my skin has settled now that I have returned back for nearly 2 months now..?! I have heard about this and tried it one time.. apple cider sounds yum and I know it’s good for the skin! I am so bad when it comes to taking supplements for the body /skin lol

  11. @Nic nic: Thanks dearie! I know what you mean…sometimes I forget and would only rem before bed or after dinner.

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