Crazy About Coral

Life in Tokyo is definitely pretty much back on track though there are rolling blackouts outside central Tokyo due to fewer working energy plants on Honshu.

Food and water supplies are much easier to get now and my local supermarket looks almost 100% though the yogurt section still looks dismal and bottled water is still being limited to one or two per customer. Apparently the fermentation process is interrupted by the blackouts so yogurt manufacturers are struggling to meet demand.

And natto (fermented soy beans), Japan’s infamous cheap health and beauty food, is also in short supply. So it seems there is a sudden boom in making DIY yogurt and natto…

My mood has picked up considerably too with the start of real spring — warm temperatures, sunny cloudless days and blooming sakuras.

This spring for me is all about coral shades which is quite “revolutionary” for this die-hard pink lover. I had this weird psychological block that orange shades made me look more yellow or sickly. But it took a tiny incident to change my mind: it was the reluctant purchase of Marjolica Marjoca’s Puff De Cheeks Apricot Macaron blush.

There was a lot of buzz about MM’s Puff De Cheeks collection and I wanted the Strawberry Macaron because it’s a lovely pink shade but I have not been able to buy it at all. My local Tomods only had Apricot and Vanilla so I ended up getting Apricot since Vanilla was more like a highlighting colour. You know what? It looks so flattering on my skin tone (NC25-30)…



I don’t actually use the puff provided and prefer my Shu Uemura blush brush. It is so orange to me but it makes me look healthy…My pink blushes have been neglected in the meantime.


Since I got braver about coral, I bit the bullet when I was at Kansai International Airport and nabbed this Jill Stuart beauty, the Mixed Blush Compact in 09 Little Bouquet. This is so pigmented that I have to be cautious of not swiping it too harshly with the brush. Again, it gives me a healthy glow. Then there was no stopping this new coral convert…


I spotted this Coffret D’Or Essence Stay Rouge in OR 106. This is more pigmented than a lip stain but is still lighter than a lipstick so I tend to use this more like a lip gloss and put it over a coral or nude shade of lip stick.


I heard rave reviews about the staying power of this Maquillage Rouge Enamel Glamor lip gloss so I got one in OR 212. Although it’s called a lip gloss, this fully works as a lipstick cum lip gloss for me. The right side of the tube contains the pigmented lip gloss and the left side is almost like a lip glass tinted with coral and sparkles. You have to wait a little bit for the lip gloss layer to dry and then apply the lip glass. Eating and drinking would take away most of it but the gloss is so pigmented that my lips still retain a bit of the coral shade so my lips don’t look completely pale and naked after a meal.


Swatches: Maquillage on the left and Coffret D’Or on the right.

I still like pink shades but am moving towards more milk tea or latte shades these days.

What colour is making waves in your makeup collection this spring?

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  1. wahh i’m trying to stay away from buying blushes..but the MM one is enticing me!..i have the little bouquet too! isn’t it lovely ^_^

  2. I love coral! & YES, coral is way more flattering on warm skin tones than true pink. It’s got golden undertones while true pink has blue/purple undertones – go rawk coral all you want, it’ll just make you look all glowy & healthy! 😀

  3. @evie: MM’s Puff De Cheeks is pretty cheap and I’m tempted to buy the others now…though I have quite a few blushes in my drawer!

    @Jie: yeah coral is brightening up my makeup collection :)

  4. I wished i had bought another shade of the JS mixed blush now! All i have are pinks -_-;;

    so strange, before I read your comment I found out the serum is available in Japan via their official website! thanks for the store info! 6000yen isnt so bad but i bought it for like $43USD GRR!

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