DIY Liquid Mineral Foundation

Happy Hump Day! How is everyone doing mid-week?

As you know, I went through a mineral foundation craze earlier this year but it’s funny how things have changed. I am now a BB cream freak and love having glowy skin as opposed to a matte finish. However, you can achieve a “glowy” look with mineral powder foundation: highlighter and a misting face spray. But since my skin had an attack of allergies (not just on my wedding day, but subsequently too which I talked about on Twitter), I’m still trying my best to use as few products on my face as possible so no misting spray for now.

Also, I really want to at least make a dent on my mineral foundation that has been sitting in my powder room virtually untouched. I did try to use it as a finishing powder but it’s not my favourite because I tend to look a bit blotchy at the end of the day. The mineral foundation I have is actually for full coverage which probably explains why it doesn’t work quite as well as a loose translucent powder.

Anyhow, my sister once told me that she sometimes mixes sunscreen with her mineral foundation so it is faster and easier to use. I think the key to achieving a flawless, uncakey finish for mineral foundation is to do it in layers and with very small amounts of product which is actually very time-consuming. I thought it was a brilliant idea and made my very own…


All you need is your favourite sunscreen (mine is the Hada Labo UV Moist Cream SPF30 that is free of additives like parabens, colouring, fragrance, and alcohol so suitable for my ultra-sensitive skin now), mineral foundation powder (from Meow Cosmetics; actually a blended formula with an Estee Lauder loose mineral powder), a small container for mixing (from Muji) and storage, and a toothpick.

I also used a spatula (pictured below) from one of my Naruko night jellies to scoop the mineral foundation powder into the small container. You can also use a tiny spoon or a small butter knife to transfer the powder.


Initially, I intended to use the spatula for mixing but my sunscreen was quite creamy and the mixture balled up much like dough so the spatula was too unwieldy for stirring. Solution: a toothpick came to the rescue! It took me under five minutes to get the following…


Just keep stirring the “dough”, plus I added just a touch more sunscreen, and it would eventually look like a cream foundation. In fact the slight greyish undertone of this foundation makes this look like a BB cream – lol! I thought I should’ve made more but this little container goes a long way because I think I chose a very creamy sunscreen to begin with — I opted for this because the weather is getting drier now.

The end result reminds me of a tinted moisturizer which is great for when I just want to even out my skin tone but I wouldn’t use this to a “nice” event or when I need to look more polished. I did try building it up but found the coverage to be light so I might experiment with more powder and less sunscreen for my next batch. One final note: I would still layer on some sunscreen before using the mixed version simply because I think having a generous amount of sunscreen on your face and body is essential to prevent sun-related skin damage.

There you go, a quick-and-easy way to use up mineral foundation if you are struggling with your stash or you would like a fuss-free type of application.

Are you a fan of mineral foundation? Yes or no, tell us your experience and share your thoughts on which brands you would recommend.

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  1. I want to try this! haven’t DIY-ed anything related to make-up before, not even the infamous tinted lipbalm recipe, lol

  2. I find I can’t do mineral makeup as after a few hours the powder would be floating on a sea of the oil that my face generates :/
    This is a good idea to use up powder foundation too!

  3. Yeah I know what you mean. I am totally over mineral powder foundation. It seems it can be too drying for people with dry skin and not enough oil control for those with oily skin.

  4. This is a lovely idea! Perhaps I could do this with my Lancome mineral foundation I don’t use anymore.. I prefer creamy textures these days!

  5. Thanks for this! I tried it yesterday and today with my Everyday Minerals foundation and my La Roche-Posay Toleriane Fluid and it works great! Will see tomorrow when I’m going out how it works with sunscreen instead.

  6. That’s another idea to mix mineral powder foundation with a moisturizer…Glad it is working out for you. Maybe even mix sunscreen n moisturizer n the powder? I find that the combo needs more powder for higher coverage…but that means more liquid is necessary to get it all mixed up…

  7. What a brilliant idea! I love it! I used to use Bare Minerals for many years but after I reached a certain age, I found that it wasn’t looking good any more because it was really bringing out and emphasizing my fine lines–ones that I didn’t even know were there! I wonder if I still have any left over. I’ll need to tell Mai about this too since she may still have some mineral powder foundation around too. I know that I gave her a bunch of mine!

  8. I mixed some mineral powder with sunscreen and my normal liquid foundation today to lighten the colour and increase the coverage, and it looks good!

  9. @kat: yeah I know what you mean about powder foundations empahsizing fine lines….that’s one of the reason why I moved away from mineral powder foundations as my main base.

  10. Hi!
    I have very sensitive skin. I’m talking ezcema blotches and ultra dryness if I use anything other than natural mineral based products (ehhhc.) You mentioned that you wouldn’t use the sunscreen + mineral powder for an event where you’d need to look polished. What do you use?
    Thanks :)

  11. @Lola: Sorry I don’t have anything to really recommend that is natural and can provide medium to heavy coverage. Perhaps you can try layering your mineral foundation and then use a makeup setting spray to prevent it from looking cakey? I think that’s what my sister does because she has very sensitive skin too.

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