Drink green juice for radiant skin

I’ve posted about green smoothies being great for the skin and today I will touch on green juice. Some people might just assume green juice means wheatgrass or barley green juice, which taste too hardcore for those who don’t embrace an extremely healthy lifestyle, but there is a lot more to it and can be palatable to most people (I will suggest some “beginner” recipes later on in this post).


Green juice vs. green smoothie
The difference between a juice and a smoothie is that for the juice, you strain the juice away from the pulp (with a cheesecloth or nut milk bag), or if you use a motorized juicer, you don’t get any of the fiber either.

I used to think there was no real difference between the two but there is a significant one and it keeps me juicing on most days. What I am about to say is not scientific proof nor am I a doctor or nutritionist, I will just talk about my experience with green juice.

This recent addition to my diet has helped my body to detox and my skin to glow. My energy levels are peppy and I just feel light, happy, and radiant. Green smoothies are great for health and beauty, too, but I find the effects of green juice emerge faster than smoothies.

YUCK, why would I drink green juice?
The nutrients of green juice hit the bloodstream more immediately than a green smoothie. The fiber in green smoothies slows down the digestion of its vitamins and minerals and is less taxing on your insulin. Green juice can be chock full of fructose if you juice fruit with veggies as well, so your insulin has to work harder to process it.

I don’t know if there is a magic number that says what is enough or too much green juice so all I know is it’s not healthy to be extreme in anything and you should just tune into your body to listen to what it needs. Let me give an example or two on how to “tune in”.

If I feel tired, I will drink a green juice in the morning. If I see my skin looking sallow or has pimples, I will also juice, or if I had an indulgent night out, I will juice the next morning. When I am down with flu, I will juice.

Basically, these are situations where I think my body needs some extra help to get rid of toxins and free radicals that damage my well-being. I tend to get a natural flush to my cheeks and a lovely lightness of being after downing a few cups of green juice.

Some people do assume that green juice tastes medicinal or even some unimaginable swampy concoction not fit for human consumption. Let me tell you right now it’s not. It can taste as lovely as a fruit juice and it’s even better for you.

Green juice recipes for beginners
Here are some recipes for delicious green juice that won’t make your skin crawl. You don’t need to make a special trip to the health food store because you will probably find most of these ingredients in your kitchen already.

You can start with just a few stalks of greens and add more when you are more comfortable with the taste.

1 bunch spinach
1 carrot
½ lemon
1 apple
1 tiny slice ginger

“Loving it a bit”:
1 bunch spinach
1 celery stalk
1 orange
1 tiny slice ginger
½ lemon

“Rolling with it”:
1 bunch spinach
3 stalks coriander
½ pink grapefruit
1 apple
2 tiny slices ginger
½ lemon
¼ broccoli head
1 cucumber

You don’t have to stick to any one recipe once you get comfortable with making green juice and can in fact get really imaginative. A few basic rules to remember:

1. Combine a sweet fruit with a dark green vegetable.
2. Lemon will always give a refreshing taste.
3. Add ice.

Bottoms up!


  1. Yes indeed green juice, smoothies, greens in general are so very good for your skin and everything else. Thanks for this wonderful post. All the drink recipes sound great. I especially like “Roll with It”. 😉

  2. I started juicing on the day I turned 31, this past April and i’ve been doing so every day. I usually use 2 or 3 green leafed vegetables (usually lettuce and spinach plus collard greens or bok choi or kale or whatever is organic and fresh at the market) Then I put cucumber, celery, parsley if I have it and a couple of pieces of fruit like pineapple, apple, honey dew or whatever I have. My rule is to make the juice 75% veggies and 25% fruit. Oh, and I try to use bottled or filtered water. I change my jurice every day and use whatever I have in the fridge as I try to have fresh leaves and veggies at all times. I don’t know if drinking green juice every day is too much but I love the way I’ve been feeling. I’ve always appeared younger than I am and now I feel younger too! Oh, one more thing: I also use the juice of 3 fresh squeezed lemons and one squirt of agave nectar and it tastes amazing, like a semi-sweet lemonade!

  3. Everyday is not too much esp if you are feeling good!

    I do the same too….I find whatever fruit and veggies are in my fridge. I try to buy different veggies weekly so I get to consume different minerals and vitamins. I just had a grapefruit, chicory, carrot, broccoli sprout one and it tasted AMAZING…it was a “red” juice instead of a green one.

  4. Yes, juicing is amazing. I don’t know why more people don’t know more about it. I will post more if this allows me. I have a good story to share.

  5. Okay, I had cancer of the esophagus. I was seeing a chiropractor for maintenance at the time and he told me about juicing. So after I got diagnosed with cancer, I bought one of the best juicers on the market..the Breville Juice Fountain Elite. Now I juice up vegetables and fruits almost every day. I start out with a mixture of greens http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cruciferous_vegetables….some of the cruciferous vegetables, and then some more: Like celery, apples, lemons, ginger root. Feel the power!!!

  6. And yes, I didn’t have to do the nasty operation. All my cancer is gone.

  7. You can try any number you want but if you are worried you may not like the taste…just try sipping on one cup first…

  8. I have recently started to get into the “really healthy lifestyle.” I’m actually drinking some wheatgrass right now. Thanks for sharing these recipes, I’ll definitely try them! I would comment that if you just use a pinch of wheatgrass powder and mix it into a glass of water it doesn’t taste bad :)

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