Ettusais Mineral BB Cream Review


I’m glad I waited long enough to test drive the Ettusais Mineral BB Cream because I really was in love with it but it was during late summer/early autumn that I wore this often and the humidity was still quite high. It gave me a slightly dewy look and controlled my T-zone very well while offering light to medium coverage. I looked fresh at the end of the day so I thought my 1,800JPY (USD23) was very well spent.


The 03 Healthy Skin shade suits my NC25 skin tone to a T (it’s also the darkest shade in the range) and it pairs extremely well with my Paul & Joe loose powder.

I’ve never paid attention to Ettusais before and thought it was a cute drugstore brand but had nothing outstanding. In fact, it has counters in Singapore so I always had this impression it was kind of pricey though run-of-the-mill.


The formula is non-comedogenic and fragrance free which is great for those with clogged pores and sensitive skin. However, alcohol is the fifth ingredient in a relatively short list which made me hesitate to buy it but I got it anyway because it looked amazing shade-wise. I think this is key to controlling oil on my skin but I didn’t get any adverse reaction from this at all.

I used this again recently when the weather turned cold and dry and this BB cream did not work well for me as it was too drying and made my skin feel tight at the end of the day. I would definitely bring this along with me when I visit Singapore because it would be perfect for hot and humid weather.

Have you tried Ettusais Mineral BB Cream? If not, have you tried any of their products? What do you think of this brand?

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  1. I think this was the bb cream my Mom was raving to me about a few days ago. She said she finally learned how to appreciate BB Creams, lol

  2. Too bad the colours all look too dark for me – noncomedogenic sounds soo good!

    With my mineral powder foundation, tend to get very oily at the end of the day because it dries my skin out. Do you get that, too?

  3. @Vivi: Good on your mum – glad she likes this BB cream, too.

    @Julia: Yeah Japanese BB creams are more yellow-based and not so friendly to fair, pink undertoned skin. Maybe Korean bb creams could work better?

  4. I have tried several Korean ones so far, and most of them break me out. (Mineral Oil, even in those specifically made for acne-prone skin!)

  5. Thank you so much for posting a swatch of shade 30! I’ve been wanting to get it, but didn’t want to risk paying a lot for something that might not match my NC30 skin.

  6. Hello, I just found your blog while searching for BB cream reviews and I was wondering if you could tell me the main differences (coverage, oil control, moisture, finish, & wear time) between this ettusais bb cream and the Hada Labo BB Moist cream that you posted about before? I have sensitive, combination acne-prone NC25 skin and currently have the Hada Labo BB in the first shade, and am thinking about getting the Ettusais one in probably #20 but I am curious on whether it is worth changing to Ettusais since the Hada Labo one is quite good.

    Thanks so much for your help!! :) :) Hope you see this…

  7. @Grace: Sorry for the late reply. Ettusias bb cream is for oily skin types as it provides good oil control. The whitening version is more hydrating and makes me more oily so I only wear it in winter. Ettusias bb creams don’t break me out and I have sensitive skin too. I think you might prefer shade #30 because I’m NC25 too. But do swatch it before you buy because who knows I could be wrong.

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