Fabulous Beauty Reads Vol. 7

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This list of favourite links leans heavy on Youtube videos but they truly are great and would keep any beauty fanatic entertained. I love sneaking a few videos here and there when I’m breastfeeding or the bub is napping.

♥ If you need to check out the notes of a perfume and its overall marketing spiel, you would find perfume database Fragrantica a fascinating fountain of information. It seems it’s got practically every perfume ever made written in this online encyclopedia of fragrances.

♥ Essiebutton’s Moisturizing Manicure reminds me to care for my hands. They show a woman’s age, y’know?

♥ A new Youtube beauty guru I enjoy watching is Amelia Liana whom I got to know through Essiebutton and Fleur De Force when she guested on their channels. Her sophisticated but sweet and down-to-earth persona is a pleasure to watch and she gives her beauty reviews as someone who genuinely tries many products and knows what she’s talking about.

♥ It feels like quite a few beauty gurus are pregnant or are about to pop or have given birth recently — Itsjudytime, Bubzbeauty, Anna saccone. I love tracking their progress and listening to their ups and downs.

♥ Lisa Eldridge films The ULTIMATE All Occasion Makeup Look For Everyone! which is a fantastic tutorial on how to achieve a natural everyday look. I mean, there are so many natural makeup how-tos online but Lisa Eldridge, as always, has a magical spin on the ordinary that makes you wanna dig out your makeup and play with it.


  1. @Sunny: Thanks Sunny. I’m loving how a change in blog layout is also rejuvenating my passion for blogging.

  2. @winne: She’s a genius, isn’t she? She may be middle aged but she truly outshines all the young pretty gurus on Youtube.

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