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I was amazed that a simple question like this, How Often Do You Wash Your Hair?, could spark such a lively debate, and it reminds me to feel thankful for all the smart and funny readers I have.

Tag: 30 Random Facts About Me got me thinking about who I am up till this day and you guys loved reading it as well.

I really didn’t think anyone would care about this post — End Of My 30-Day Beauty Buy Ban: Thoughts & Ruminations — but I received so many encouraging comments about dealing with a makeup/skincare obsession.

DIY Liquid Mineral Foundation is surprisingly one of the top ten posts that people visit on this blog. I no longer use mineral foundation (but who knows, these things come and go) but it’s a nifty trick to make use of loose powder in a different way.

If you are interested in Japanese sunscreens, Review: Japanese Drugstore Suncreens Shiseido, Biore, Curel, Hada Labo shows you what I like and don’t like.

This comparison post, Roche Posay Effaclar Duo & Effaclar K: Which Is Better?, gives you the nitty gritty on two of the most popular pore refining products in the beauty world.

My First Scalp Treatment was a breakthrough moment in my struggles with oily scalp problems and I’ve never looked back since.

I also found a great supplement recipe for preventing acne and it was through research and trial and error till I found my magic formula here, Supplements For Hormonal Acne-Prone Skin.

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