Food Friday: What I Ate (Post-Partum 5 Months)

My long-time readers would know that I care a lot about eating well and enjoying my food so I thought a “What I Ate” snapshot on the blog could be fun. I’m also going on a punt from my Instagram photos that you guys actually quite like it when I post food pictures up and I personally love looking at what other people eat on a daily basis in a photo diary format.

Right now, I’m still breastfeeding and had a C-section delivery so my priorities have changed a little. I eat with my baby in mind — I don’t consume food/drink that would affect his health and well-being. I also eat more protein and carbs because they are necessary to produce nutrient-rich breastmilk. Walking is my only form of exercise so I’m not eating to fuel up or repair strained muscles like before when I was running long distance.

Here’s what I ate last Friday…

 photo foodfridayoatmeal_zps3a4ab6db.jpg

Breakfast was a bowl of oatmeal porridge sweetened with stevia, mixed with almond butter, and topped with chia seeds. I added banana and cooked blueberries with organic brown rice syrup which ended up like a watery jam (inspired by Jamie Oliver’s video, How To Make Perfect Porridge – 5 Ways).

 photo foodfridaymorningvits_zps5f1ad204.jpg

I try to drink two mugs of Weleda Nursing Tea daily with a bunch of vitamins.

 photo foodfridaysnack_zps1d5218c1.jpg

I was going to have a late lunch so I noshed on a spicy cod roe rice ball.

 photo foodfridaylunch1_zps3c52628c.jpg

Lunch at Chun Shui Tang in Roppongi was simple finger sandwiches and an iced lemon jasmine tea with jelly.

 photo foodfridaylunch2_zps111c06ef.jpg

After lunch, I had a small cup of almond pudding with black beans and Tie Guan Yin tea flavoured sauce.

 photo foodfridayarvosnack_zps16d26353.jpg

Canned tuna packed in water mixed with a tablespoon of mayo served on top of raw green crackers (dehydrated sunflower seeds, kale, flax, collard etc). The green crackers by Lydia’s Organics definitely tasted like “health food” (not crunchy, just hard and bland) — great in concept but not sure if I’ll repurchase. As an aside, I’ve to point out I’ve a high tolerance for weird tasting health food – you know, substitutes for the real thing, so while these were not revolting, they were just not the type of thing I would salivate for. I must say though making super healthy food taste good is certainly a difficult task.

 photo foodfridaydinner_zpsee594619.jpg

Dinner was a piece of steak with cauliflower soup, sauteed spinach in garlic and white wine sauce, leftover pumpkin mash, and a bottle of pear juice to chase it all down.

What did you eat today?


  1. Well, I just gobbled down some ravioli with chorizo and spinach for dinner. Your oatmeal porridge looks amazing!! I tend to just have really quick and easy breakfasts (ie. banana, cereal) as bub is most active in the morning and demands my constant attention!!! Actually these days I share my banana with him in a mesh feeder. Makes a huge mess for me but he absolutely loves it!

    Great new series, looking forward to more food friday posts!

  2. I had milk, chicken breast, eggs, salad and strawberries. Oh, and 100g of sweet potatoes for carbs :-) I’m going on a lower carb higher fat and protein intake at the moment and my body seems to like it so I’m sticking to this for a while!

  3. OK woman, you’re making me hungry! I’ll be munching on some Chinese-style meat patties I made yesterday with rice and grilled broccoli. I have been ADDICTED to grilled broccoli! It’s just salt, pepper, some garlic, a dash of olive oil, and a bit of lemon juice after I take it out of the oven, but it’s divine!

  4. Yum! Lovely post. Thanks for the porridge link, which is great (who doesn’t love Jamie Oliver?). Now you have inspired me. I am going to make porridge tomorrow.

  5. @trishie: Your dinner sounds delicious and I’ll def keep that one in mind for a dinner idea. I’m lucky that Derek can watch Charles while I get breakfast ready for both of us. I wouldn’t be able to make oatmeal porridge if I were just on my own. I’ve been trying baby wearing recently because he simply cannot be left on his own even for a few seconds – it works when I need to get some chores done or fix a meal for myself. I cannot wait to start Charles on solids – sounds like so much fun :)

  6. @Lily: Sounds v healthy! I agree that less carbs is the way to go for weight maintenance and you feel more energetic and the hunger pangs don’t come rushing in so quickly.

  7. @Sunny: Yum – I love Chinese food. I never get sick of it. I try not to cook it so often because my husband does prefer to have more Western-style food. I always steam or stir fry my broccoli but I shall try roasting it next time. Sounds so yummy!

  8. @Sandra: You’re a Jamie Oliver fan too!! He’s awesome. I love his simple pork belly recipe too – the husband loves it.

  9. Oh, same problem here. Dr. D thinks “tofu is not food” and “rice is boring.” Blasphemy! You should try to roast broccoli next time. Minimum effort and maximum flavor! I also love it because it stays a little crunchy!

  10. @Sunny: LOLOLOL!! I feel ya, girl!! I think soy sauce and oyster sauce taste gets boring for the hubs too.

  11. Your porridge sounds amazing! Breakfast is something I struggle with – I can manage to eat it everyday but more often that not I end up grabbing something as I’m running out the door. I’m going to check out that link, thanks.

  12. @Catherine: I always look at breakfast as a way to get in a load of fiber for the day 😉 Jamie Oliver always makes you feel like you can whip up amazing meals in a snap – love his recipes.

  13. Keep this kind of posts coming will ya 😉 Love to see what others eat!! I value breakkie the highest coz if i don’t have a full meal, the rest of my day will be very drowsy. However it so happened that almost 5 days of the week (mon to fri, ya know) I just randomly eat something. Sometimes an apple with some baby crackers (manna brand…), sometimes eggs, sometimes yoghurt, sometimes just plain oatmeal (instant ones, just add hot water)…lol I so wanted to sit down and have a breakkie at some chain restaurant joint but i can never wake up 30 minutes earlier. 😛

  14. @Jenni: Thanks for the encouragement. I love food so I’m quite enthusiastic about this particular series. Taking photos and typing up my eats plus thinking about how it all comes together as a theme is so much fun :) I’m the same as you – I think brekkie is so important to set the tone for the day. I love having brunching/breakfast out too!

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