How good is Vitamin E oil for your skin?

In my never-ending quest for discovering excellent but affordable skincare solutions, I stumbled across yet another one in sunny Singapore, my home country.

Well, actually my sister introduced me to her new night moisturizer: Fruit of the Earth Vitamin E Skin Care Oil (SGD29; USD20) blended with aloe vera gel from the same brand.


“It’s so sticky!” is the first thing you might think of pure vitamin E oil, and it is. It has the consistency of honey but becomes very easy to apply if you mix three drops of the oil with a dab of aloe.

My sister discovered this natural and effective moisturizing idea from Makeup Alley where this product got rave reviews for its powerful effect on getting rid of blemishes. I don’t think it prevents acne but it certainly heals spots much quicker than regular acne treatments.

Won over by my sister’s vote of confidence, I tried this combination overnight and it left my skin soft and smooth. Most mornings my skin tends to feel a bit oily, especially in Singapore where the weather is hot and humid, but after using vitamin E oil, my skin had a more silky tone than usual.

I know that using it one time is not an accurate picture of how effective a product is but I’m keen on taking a bottle back to Japan to give it a go in my regular regime. My sister said her skin was affected by blemishes for a while, so she surfed around for a solution and she hasn’t looked back since. It’s been several months now and her face is very clear and void of unwanted bumps and humps!

After poking around the Internet, I discovered that Fruit of the Earth is an American company but unfortunately they do not sell their products in Japan. Looks like I need to stock this one up or buy online if I like it very much.

Would like to leave a question for you: do you have any HG (Holy Grail in Makeup Alley speak) products that are not available in your country? If so, how do you make sure you have stock of your fave item?

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