How Often Do You Wear Nail Polish?


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Public announcement done so let’s talk about nails…

Of all the beauty things, I tend to lag a little in this department but I do go through phases where I would put on nail polish every week or even twice a week. My nails suffered so I kept up the habit of putting on new polish twice a week but I always had a day or two in between and would take my polish off after three days max.

Then I went on holiday to Vietnam and it just seemed impossible to find time to sit down and do my nails because we were either rushing from place to place or kicking back at a remote beach resort where I didn’t even wear makeup!

I decided to change this laziness in Feb and put on polish once a week. I try to time it such that it’s either a day before or after I pack the Beauty Box orders because all those cardboard boxes ruin my nails rather quickly. I cook and clean on a daily basis which causes nail chipping, too, so for me I would prefer to time my freshly painted nails for a night out or a work-related meeting.

Before I go, here is some nail maintenance inspiration — Hollyanaree on Youtube upkeeps her nails once every three days.

How about you — how often do you paint your nails and why do you do so?

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  1. I have recently been painting my nails every week, but if it shows too much tip wear or chipping in between I will take it off and usually replace it with the same colour! I like you, also finds that my daily cooking and cleaning also chips my nails.

    If I’m cooking for others I will remove my nail polish though. I am not sure that people appreciate eating flakes of my polish! XD

    This one year of having polished nails everyday is going to be a fond memory for me. Once I get back into clinical medicine nail polish will be reserved for evenings out, weekends off and such. :( It is not allowed in hospitals!

  2. truthfully i only paint my nails out of boredom or for a special occasion… especially since the color usually lasts me a few days or a week or so if i fill in the faded or chipped tips but then again the chips aren’t too bad that you can spot it easily .also i dont like the idea of cooking with nail polish since it is technically a chemical and some of it might “chip off” and go in the food

  3. i paint it only when i feel grubby! otherwise, they hardly stay on with the cleaning and crafting that i do! :)

  4. Jian: aw sympathies on not being allowed to wear polish to the hospital…but there is a freedom about not fussing too much over little beauty habits, I suppose.

    @kimby: I actually never thought about my nail polish ending up in my food, but will keep that in mind from now on!!

    @zhing: Haha yes a few coats of nail polish always make me feel more dressed up.

  5. My resolution was to paint my nails every other week but I have been lazy so it’s more like once a month – I can’t wear it at the hospital when I’m ‘on’ so I can only wear it for the 4-5 days I’m off work in between stretches! Lately I’ve been picking up extra and it doesn’t seem ‘worth it’ to paint my nails for only 2-3 days so I’ve been skipping 😛

    That being said I paint my toes once a week, so I am still hopefully making a dent in my NP stash!

  6. @Justine: That sounds like a pain…though my nail polish only last 2-3 days before it starts chipping and that makes me lazy too! So special occasions tend to get my butt moving more or sometimes I just feel like I need more prettiness in my day….

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