How To Find Beauty Box Outside Google Reader + Preggo Update At 26 Weeks

Hi my loves, it’s Friday and I haven’t posted all week because I was busy with some pregnant-related issues – I’ll elaborate on that later. I’m doing fine and am ever-so-thankful that my work/lifestyle allows me some downtime when I need it and I don’t have to jump through hoops for it, if say, I had a regular 9-5 job.

Anyway, if you are a fan of blogs, you would’ve probably heard about Google Reader closing its doors on July 1 by now. I’ve been a loyal fan for years since I started reading blogs so am sad I can’t just click on my RSS reader and read my fill of blogs. However, I have decided to go with Bloglovin’ as an alternative since it can easily import my favourite blogs from my Google Reader in a snap. It also has an app for iPhones and iPads which is great for when I’m bored on the train.

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You can also follow my posts on Facebook, Twitter and my Instagram handle is luiyuming (don’t ask me why I didn’t get beautyboxonline there orginally – I wish I did!).

If you want to find out if there are alternatives outside Google Reader, here are some awesome articles that give the low down:

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Don’t let change leave you behind! Google Reader retires in July…

My non-tech mind understands that Google wants to promote the use of Google+ after shutting down Google Reader. I’ve always resisted using Google+ because it looks so darn complicated! I guess like any social media platform, you have to build your network in order to be able to make full use of what it has to offer, but seriously, I just want a platform to read other blogs and for other readers to follow me easily.

However, I’m open to other alternatives that are pain-free and user-friendly – do share if you have a gem up your sleeve!

Now onto the personal stuff, if you are interested, and it would explain my extreme lack of beauty blogging…Do NOT read if you don’t like coming across pregnant TMI scenarios…

 photo meatweek25_zpsacb3e9b0.jpg

This was me at 25 weeks last Sunday…

It all started with some nagging pain in my right hip joint which was caused by over-exercising. I think I got over-zealous after I came back from my epic European trip and wanted to work out as much as possible, but alas, a butt/leg DVD workout last Saturday and 30 laps in the pool the following day set me up for a lot of achiness on Monday.

I had to run plenty of errands so I was literally taking trains, walking up stairs (no escalators or lifts for this pregnant mama-to-be!), lugging groceries home etc. But it all came down like a house of cards for me in the evening and I was in a lot of pain – imagine hobbling and waddling at the same time – not a pretty sight.

I then had a less than ideal appointment with my midwife who was shocked at my sudden weight gain (5 kg in 5 weeks), plus she detected protein in my urine. She said we need to keep a close eye on my weight (no desserts!), blood sugar, and blood pressure because the protein in my urine could be a sign of something more serious to come.

This led me to Google it and of course, it made me panic because all I could find were articles that talked about pre-eclampsia, which was alarming because if you watched Downton Abbey, you would know one of the main characters died after giving birth because she suffered from undetected eclampsia.

It didn’t help that I had some bleeding as well but I checked it out today and it was just a burst blood capillary/blood vessel that pregnant ladies experience with more sensitive bits and skin.

Then, the ultrasound revealed that my baby is in a breeched position which at 26 weeks shouldn’t be a cause for concern according to my pregnancy bible, What To Expect When You Are Expecting, and other breech-related articles on Baby Center, Essential Baby, Webmd and other sites I’ve been trawling.

I wonder if it’s a cultural difference in Japanese ante-natal care and perhaps my midwife would rather see the baby in a head down position from an early start. I’ve been given instructions on how to turn the baby naturally (I’m to lie with my butt up on cushions at a 45 degree angle – it feels as uncomfortable as it sounds) and I’m not allowed to fly to Sydney just yet.

She said if I manage to turn the baby, I should be good to go on my one-week trip. I couldn’t understand her logic about my water breaking due to a breech baby if under extreme stress (taking a flight is considered an extremely stressful situation according to my midwife). I kept reading about how breeched babies caused their mothers’ waters to break at 34-36 weeks but not earlier.

Big sigh…I’m a very active individual so I hate being stopped to do certain things in this way. I mean, I’m not about to go diving or parachuting, but I’ve had a fuss-free pregnancy so far and am dismayed to encounter some hiccups.

Anyway, will try to post some interesting beauty posts soon! Thanks for reading till the end and hope to see you at Bloglovin’!


  1. Awww Yu Ming, kudos on refusing on elevators and escalators! That’s what I did when I was pregnant and it helped big time to get back into shape. Sorry to hear about baby in breach position, it happens and don’t sweat. Just focus on your health and perhaps talking to your baby constantly to turn may help. We all know the power or mommy-baby bonding so give it a try :D.

  2. But breech position is completely normal at 26 weeks. The baby usually turns upside down just before the baby is ready to go out. I do not understand the midwife’s concern. My baby was also in breech position at that stage of pregnancy.

  3. Oh, I forgot to write that you look great. Your hair is sooo long. And, I love your balcony! So many beautiful plants and herbs! I love it.

  4. @Nelly: Thanks for the encouragement. I think every pregnant woman has one of those annoying weeks and fair enough I should have one after so many good weeks 😉 just part and parcel.

  5. @Sandra: thanks for your sweet comment. I think my midwife is just being overly cautious – she has had the same attitude about other concerns as well, e.g. my husband’s blood type is RH minus (but I’m RH plus) so she insisted on checking it out with a doctor but I already knew it wasn’t a problem for the baby as it is common knowledge for birthing professionals. I think it’s a cultural thing and she hasn’t encountered many Aussie-Singaporean couples in her practice (she told me she has maybe one foreigner a year in her birth centre). So with this breech “problem” (I’m still not convinced it’s one for now), my husband is now being very cautious as well and it looks like my trip will be cancelled. I’m frustrated because the ticket is non-refundable – cheap but not that cheap for a 10 hour flight from Tokyo to Sydney.

  6. @Sandra: Forgot to mention that the plants/flowers are all thanks to my husband who loves gardening. He takes great pride in decorating our home with pretty flora…

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