How to make beauty soup

We’re knee-deep in winter so I thought a hot, savory recipe was in order. Many of my collagen drink recipes revolve around sweet fruit-based concoctions, but Meiji Amino Collagen can actually be consumed in your meal. You can add this collagen supplement powder to pretty much any liquid you desire and at any temperature because its effectiveness will not be affected.

Since this is a Japanese product, I thought a simple healthy Japanese recipe, miso soup, would be suitable as an introduction. Miso is a paste made from fermented soy beans and is a staple in every Japanese household. I think it’s one of the secrets to good health and longevity in Japanese culture. Forget instant pre-mixes that have MSG — it’s so easy to make your own.

Recipe (serves two):
1 small piece of dried kelp (size of half a small envelope)
1 tsp of white miso
2 tsp of shoyu (also called soy sauce)
1 drop of mirin (Japanese rice wine; optional)
1 drop of sesame oil (optional)
2 small rice bowls of water
2 shiitake mushrooms
1/2 packet of golden mushrooms
1 tbs wakame
1 spoonful of Meiji Amiino Collagen

Place the kelp in boiling water and wait for five minutes. Then, put all the ingredients in except for the collagen powder. When the mushrooms look soft, turn the fire down and stir in the amino collagen. Ladle the broth into bowls and serve.

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