How To Transfer Perfume

You know I’m always searching for efficient ways to pack my beauty essentials while globe-trotting (here and here) so this travel-sized perfume bottle set was quite a thrill to find.


Check out the teeny tiny tube that covers the nozzle…genius!

I’m ashamed to even call myself a perfumista because I’ve always resigned myself to using miniatures bought/given by the brand or just transferring perfume from non-spray bottles into smaller ones or just stuffing a whole bottle into my check-in luggage; but you know I don’t travel with check-in anymore.

Although this is new to me, it’s probably seriously old news for Japanese women, like my beloved new foam net.


This is a pretty old perfume by Givenchy called Secrets of Jardin d’Interdit that was a special edition in 2007/2008. It’s what I call my sweat-proof perfume, which means I could sweat a ton but it’ll still smell good. Every girl needs such a perfume during blazing hot summers. My other go-to perfume for active days is YSL’s classic rose scent, Paris.


So take away the little cap that covers the nozzle…


Place the transfer tube on top of the opening…


Pump away! There was no leakage, so this is seriously good stuff.


Perfume transfer complete. I would definitely buy SEVERAL more because I like to choose from a variety of fragrances when I’m on the road, especially for long trips. The flask is super slim and I imagine I could fit up to three in my zip lock bag.

FYI, there is also a perfume ball type of bottle available for sale but I’m not a fan of rubbing perfume onto my skin — I don’t like the thought of contaminating my perfume because the ball will come into contact with the skin and that would transfer bacteria back into the bottle which would change the scent (I doubt it would deteriorate so quickly over a trip but I’m quite anal when it comes to perfume). Ditto for roll-on deodorant too – LOL! So what the heck do I use? Crystal deodorant — rub, wash, cap, reuse. To each her own, I say…

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  1. I bought this from a pharmacy, Tomods, in Tokyo. I don’t know if you could get this online if you are not living in Japan.

  2. Hi,

    Live in england I am intresting buying the nozzle pump to transfer the perfurm to smaller perfurm bottle. please could you advised me if you send to the UK and the cost with the posting and packing.

    King regards
    annie salvati

  3. hi,why dont u sell in ur shop so how can i get it pleassssssssssss.

  4. Hey, you should totally sell this! many would buy! but anyone knows where to get this in Singapore? daiso? i seriously need this!!

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