Last minute haulage to get some bridal confidence

Hello my dears, I was going to put up a video yesterday but am facing major uploading problems over at Youtube (apparently it’s better to use “Private Browsing” to get it up but to no avail – any advice would be appreciated).

So instead of a video, I’ll just make a quick mention of the things I bought that will accompany to my trip to Singapore and Hokkaido where I’ll get hitched. Sorry for all the wedding talk lately but let me just say that I finally understand 100% why this milestone in life is truly….huge. The massive number of people are involved in the exercise of two people joining their lives legally is just mind-boggling. And it takes a very strong woman to not be bothered about how she looks on her big day.

I always thought I would be more…”level-headed” and wouldn’t go on crash diets and such — I haven’t but I can tell you that it has definitely motivated me to really move my butt and be more careful with what I eat. Though I’m at the point where I am dreaming of being lazy and slurping on instant ramen — kind of like when you are in the last kilometers of a marathon, you can almost taste the sensation of an ice-cold sweet beverage and falling into a fluffy bed.

So I thought a little help in the beauty department was in order to help me psychologically and physically. By surrounding myself with pretty things, I think I could feel more at ease and confident. I’m definitely a believer in putting your best face forward to gain some pep in your step.

Remember my wish list for fall? I got me some Jill Stuart, oh yeah…


Can I just die of prettiness right now?


This pressed powder compact is called Smooth Silk Powder Foundation N in 105 which is the darkest shade they have. It looks almost identical to my Revlon pressed powder but it is finer in texture similar to my Paul & Joe loose powder — compact, fine, and encased in a dreamy girly compact. Though this is not a proper review since I’ve only tried it on my face at the counter.


And the salesgirl was so convincing in selling the new limited edition Jill Stuart Mixed Blush Compact Sweet Lock, I found myself saying, “Hai!” before I could comprehend what I was doing. Can I say that I’m tired of corals (for now anyway) and want to go back to pinks? And this is a lovely neutral pink blush. It’s not cool but not warm either which is what I’m looking for. I swatched the Blush Blossom fall item at the counter too and it was way to glittery and the Sweet Lock one was matte in comparison, so no guesses which I got…


I think you could even use this as an eyeshadow palette especially that neutral shade at the bottom left corner. When mixed together, it’s just really gorgeous and not as pigmented as their usual Mixed Blush compacts where it’s all too easy to put on too much blush because they are so pigmented.

Next up, I got two main products to help me smell like ambrosia in Singapore’s steamy hot weather…You know that I’m obsessed with fragrances and especially so for a special occasion.


I know I said in this video I found my perfumes for the wedding but I think I finally settled on one that would suit both hot and cold climates — Guerlain’s Aqua Allegoria Flora Nymphea.

I love scents that smell like skin — a beautiful woman’s skin that has just been bathed but still has that “human” aroma and not completely synthetic…Flora Nymphea is just that. It’s a soft dewy floral that contains some milky musk and herbal notes that are an intoxicating blend.


And the final one to wrap up my signature scent for this special occasion is the Korres Mint Tea Body Milk. I used to be a hardcore Body Shop body butter fan but I’m now a Korres convert. This creamy body lotion is light enough for humid weather but hydrates pretty well. I think it’s a bit too light for freezing dry winters but it works for my purpose now.

More importantly, the fragrance is thoroughly sexy and not in musky way. It is pillowy with a slight hint of mint and a lick of masculine bergamot. Again, it has that character of cleanly washed skin that falls on the natural side than something fully synthetic (e.g. lemon scents that smell just like detergent…ew….).

I’m all set now. Lock and load, babeh and I’m just going to enjoy myself and leave all the stress behind — I figured that at this point, nothing really bad could ruin the wedding(s). Wish me luck!

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  1. Is Korres a good brand? does it gets absorbed easily into the body? haha I agree with your sentiments!! looking at pretty items makes me happy! Although i feel that the packaging material of Jill stuart should be more exquisite judging from the price it is selling but i always like looking at the pattern and holding it makes me happy!

  2. @Jamilla: Ah I was thinking of Pampelune too – gorgeous scent…but the Nymphea Flora was truly calling my name…

    @Evie: Yes I think Korres is an excellent brand…The body milk doesn’t absorb immediately…it takes a few minutes…if you put too much, there is a white cast but it would go away pretty soon. Their scents smell divine…

  3. Even a horse neighing is more than enough to convince me to purchase Jill Stuart’s LE blush hahaha. The SA didn’t do much, believe me ;D The packaging is great, the colour is wearable and getting it at retail is an added bonus~

    Awww when is the day?! *so excited*

  4. I use the korres pomegranate moisturizer during the summer and its great. Jill Stuart cosmetics are beautiful and I’ve heard that they work well. I think I’m going to order the powder you got and maybe an eye jelly. The site you suggested imomoko carries Jill Stuart. Thanks :)

  5. jill stuart is just on of those brands that can make anyone feel like a princess. packaging genius!a shame though i have no idea where to buy their products!

  6. @kimby: indeed I do feel a touch of magic when I use JS items….I wonder if you could try mihoko or imomoko 😉

  7. @Blair: my 1st wedding is on sept 25 in Singapore…flying off tomorrow – whee! You are so hilarious, girl! So right…the SA didn’t do much at all. Just looking at the palette made me open my wallet!!

    @Sandy: i love the aqua allegoria line! I have smelled tiare mimosa and it is gorgeous! If I could have it my way, I’ll have every single one in this range…

    @Amanda: The Korres range in Japan is so different from the US or UK…we don’t get pomegranate here….though I might check out the Singapore store and see if they have it…sounds yummy! Glad you could find some JS for yourself….!!

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