Meiji Amino Collagen Tin


Featured in The Oprah Winfrey Show: Japanese Beauty Secrets. Click here to watch.

This collagen product is in powder form and is made from low molecular fish collagen which is more easily absorbed than collagen taken from pigs. Meiji Amino Collagen also has arginine, an amino acid great for skin, glucosamine, and vitamin C.

I personally use this product and have been doing so for the last two years. I wouldn’t sell this if I didn’t believe in it.

Why is Meiji Amino Collagen such a great product?

Gives great skin. Although this collagen product does not remove wrinkles, it does make your skin more supple and youthful-looking after a few months of consistent consumption.

Low-fat. Since this product is low in calories, it should not interfere if you are on a diet.

Safe. If taken according to instructions, 5,000mg or one Meiji spoonful (provided in the tin) daily, Meiji Amino Collagen is a safe supplement. Before you try any new health product, do consult your doctor if you have any concerns, particularly if you have kidney problems.

Almost tasteless. Meiji Amino Collagen is almost without any flavour so it can be taken with sweet or savoury liquids, for example, yoghurt, juice, soup, or even pasta sauce. But my preferred choice is grapefruit or cranberry juice as they taste good. Meiji Amino Collagen does not change even if you heat it up so you can consume it in hot drinks.

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  1. Hi,
    Does anybody have any knowledge or experience with side effects?

  2. Please proceed to our store — it is on the top navigation panel on this blog. Click “STORE”.

  3. Hi ,I’m on a raw diet, I want to know if this product is raw..

  4. hi! how much? i’m interested. also, do you ship here in the philippines?

  5. Hi, i am from Malaysia and I am interested to get a tin of the Meiji Amino Collagen. May I know do u charge postage for the delivery?

  6. Hi, I am from Malaysia, i am interested to get a tin of Meiji, may i know the charges like postage.

  7. My sester is 22 Years old and she want to use premiume can of Meiji Amino Collagen,
    is it will be better for her or no deffrent if she use normal Meiji Amino Collagen as long she is under 25 Years??

  8. Yeah she should start with the regular tin first. The premium is recommended for more mature women.

  9. I took Meiji for two days and my cheeks started to get very red and pimples everywhere , then I stopped for 3 days , I start again with a quarter of the suggested dose, but on the fourth day , my cheek got red again , what should I do? Im not allergic to fish, anyway, pls help

  10. Hi, did anything else in your skincare regime change? If you really have narrowed it down to that then it would be best to stop. But we must say that it is highly unusual to be allergic to this product.

  11. I don’t change anything, I’m 38 years old, very sensitive skin and easily get irritated (redness) ,I like how my skin became moist and supple, so I still hope I can use Meiji without getting red and pimples

  12. Im interested in purchasing this product I see it in Japan my question is if I order this product will I be able to buy it in the future due to having an experience in which I ordered some diet pills on line they turned out to be from china when I reordered the phone no.had changed and they went under a new name so are you guys reliable? how long have you been in business?

  13. Hi Alisa, Beauty Box has been in business for three years and Meiji Amino Collagen has been around for longer than that. This collagen is made in Japan.

  14. Just want to share , I start again with a quarter spoon every two days n it’s ok so I continue but every day then I increase it into a half and then a spoonful the result is good, no irritation no redness no pimples , and my skin is supple n smooth, hopefully this can help anybody who has the same reaction as mine. Thanks

  15. Hello! I live in Irving, Texas. How can I order this product? thank you!

  16. Hi, I’m curious about the differences between liquid collagen drink(bottle form) & Amino Acid Powder. Is liquid collagen drink safe?

    Recently I saw a person comment on other site:” Collagen being amino acids are not stable in liquid because it is unstable in liquid preparations. Hence liquid collagen products will contain a lot of chemical stabilisers and preservatives. In spite of that it still will deteriorate and this is manifested in the change of colours in the liquid preparation. To camouflage this dark colouring agents are added into most liquid collagen products. Hence people taking liquid collagen products are unknowingly taking in a lot of other chemical substances like the stabilisers, preservatives and coloring agents.”

    So what do you think of this?

  17. I didn’t know that ready-made collagen drinks are not stable despite the addition of stabilizers. Is that website a trusted source?