Mini Esprique Fall Haul

Of all the Japanese drugstore brands, Esprique comes across as the most classy in terms of packaging and quality. It’s not extremely cheap but I think it’s worth paying more even if this is not a counter brand.

Esprique was very clever to use pop icon Namie Amuro to show off different looks, and at the shelf, the looks have all the product codes used on her gorgeous face and this just makes you want to have what she has.


In one of the looks, she had on the Mellow Rouge 422, a chic rosy shade — I love the way this lip rouge looks. I quite liked the Esprique Precious packaging already but their new Esprique image is even more elegant.


It is super soft and melty so it’s not a full-on lipstick per se. I think it’s more lip stain than lipstick but the plus point is that you don’t even need lip balm to let this glide on like a dream.


My lips with 422 and only 422. The colour looks much darker in the tube but on the lips it is this gorgeous healthy rosy nude tint.


I couldn’t help but get this neutral palette, Blend Dimensional Eyes B-1, even though I’ve got a few neutral palettes in my stash (I’ve also got an Esprique Precious grey/silver palette I bought some time ago). What I don’t have is that coppery burnished brown shade that would make your eyes pop.


The only thing I don’t really like is that the shades are not separated by dividers. I know eventually the colours would sort of go over their delineated lines and not look as nice but this is a drugstore brand so I can’t have everything.


I never used to gravitate to neutrals, gold, copper, brassy type of shades but they really do look better on me than pink, blue, or purple.


On a separate occasion (after thinking about it for a while), I bought the Blend Dimensional Eyes B-4 palette with the mossy green shadow which I had been eyeing. I don’t have many warm greens in my stash so I thought this would be a great addition…


The middle and third shades swatched beautifully — they felt buttery soft and were so pigmented. I have a feeling I’ll be using these two palettes very often in the fall. They are so wearable and elegant…

What is your fave Japanese drugstore cosmetic brand?

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  1. I mostly buy Lavshuca and Majolica Majorca.
    The former have a type of lipstick very similar to Esprique’s – Moist Melting Rouge. You should give it a try, it’s only half the price of this.

    Speaking of Esprique, why did they replace Kuraki Mai? :(

  2. @Jamilla: I think Esprique is hogging the limelight at the drugstore…good choice if the hubs manages to get some for ya.

    @Julia: MM has pretty good shades and I’ve never tried Lavshuca….haven’t been very drawn to their palettes, colours and such…but will try out the lippie you mentioned :) I think Esprique wanted to make a splash with their new brand image, I guess…Namie Amuro is a pretty big star to bag for their campaign ne….

  3. I liked Kuraki Mai though. :/

    Lavshuca’s palettes are hit-and-miss sometimes, but I really like several of them.

  4. I have been eyeing these for a long time now! Seeing your pictures make me wanna get them NOW! The lipstick shade is a dream! Will you post a picture of you wearing the e/s?

  5. Goodness! Esprique is a luxe counter brand in Malaysia! aargghh.. they make us pay thru the nose.. :-(

  6. I have the B4 palette too! Did you know you can mix the 3 shades on the left and it turns out a natural brown? Anyway I really like this kaki green so kaki eyes here I come! However I do find their eye palette quite glittery..can make my eyes a bit too puffy. I’m not sure if it’s just this collection or perhaps their eye palettes are like that.

    I also like Coffret D’or eye palettes, very fine texture and great effect with the right amount of glitter. A bit costlier though cos have to buy the case seperately. So this Esprique Precious is a good buy I suppose.^^

  7. @Ru: I’m not very good at EOTD – have tried but the colours don’t show up well on my camera and I think my makeup application needs practice 😉 Maybe one day…

    @milktea: Yeah my friend had the same reaction because Maquillage is a counter brand in Singapore while it is a drugstore brand in Japan.

    @Agnes: I’ll blend all 3 and see what I get :) I like Coffret D’Or too…The price ends up to be about the same as Esprique if you buy the case and the palette…

  8. Hello, just wanna thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting on my Kim K makeup post. You’re so sweet.

    I’ve never heard of this brand before, but it sounds really good. The swatches are so pigmented and sparkly. I love it.

  9. Hi Becky, thanks for stopping by here too! I just stumbled upon your blog and really enjoy your videos too :)

  10. The lipstick looks so pretty. Too bad I live in the US or I’d run off and buy it now. Right now I’m using Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm and I like it. :) I seem to remember that CoverGirl has a similar product called lipslicks, they are good to. The only CoverGirl product I use.

  11. Namie Amuro sets the standard for being in your 30s with a baby to care for.
    Makes all the rest of us look bad really.

  12. @Amanda: You can get Esprique from mihoko or imomoko if I’m not wrong and they ship to the US.

    @MACnunu: Haha! Yes that’s right!! Well I heard she had a kid when she was really young – maybe before 20 even? So of course her body bounced back…(!!!)

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