Mummy Monday: Charles At 5 Months

Hi my lovelies, I don’t know if you have noticed but I’ve recently revamped my blog design and I’ve settled on a clearer structure for content going forward. For a while now, I’ve just posted as and when I liked about anything (I’ll continue to do this too) but it all felt a little hazy. I’ve given it more thought and now I’ll like to add more things that are just so much a part of me that I want to share with you guys.

Today I’m starting a new column called “Mummy Monday” where I talk about being a mum and indulge in everything to do with my little koala bear, Charles. I was always surprised at the positive feedback I got whenever I posted about him so I thought why not dedicate a whole column to mummyhood? I can’t promise I’ll post every single Monday (I’ll try but I can guarantee every other Monday at least) but I feel a lot more organized content-wise if I just had a day to focus on what I’ll like to write about being a mum and Charles’ progress etc. And if you don’t like to read about this topic, you can just skip it and wait for the next beauty post 😉

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Charles is now officially five months’ old and he’s coming out of infant-hood (is there such a word?). He has more or less a regular schedule — roughly a three hour one where I try to get him into an EASY (eat, activity, sleep, “you-time” or personal time for myself – a concept coined by The Baby Whisperer) routine. Sometimes he breastfeeds before sleeping which I know it’s bad but I’ll fight that battle when it’s time to wean him off breastfeeding.

He’s rolling both directions now and can return to his original position or he would do another roll to get back on his back. One day I found him under the dining table — he must’ve rolled from his play mat at least twice to get there! So we bought a fence to cordon off his cushioned play area (we put a few futons underneath) in case he might hurt himself rolling on the hard floor and banging into table legs and what not.

We also went for his ward office check up (it’s a service provided by the town council to keep an eye on vaccinations and the overall well-being of mums and babies) where he weighed in at 8kg and measured 69.5cm for his height. Apparently he’s average for weight but topping the chart for height — he’s definitely got his Daddy’s genes, that’s for sure.

He loves his Bumbo seat where he can play sitting up. Once he started rolling, he dislikes being on his back for too long. It’s like he wants to be with the big people more and more and doesn’t want to be left in a corner by himself.

On our flight from Tokyo to Singapore, he absolutely loved standing on the husband’s lap and playing with his toys in the bassinet — it was like discovering a biiiiig toy chest and was in this position for hours.

Charles is not quite sleeping through the night but he is taking much less (down from 140ml to 60 ml) during his 2-3am feed so we are getting there soon.

I hope you like this new column and if you have anything you would like me to talk about, do let me know in the comments!


  1. I love the idea of a column dedicated to your motherhood journey and look forward to reading more about your little Charles! Wow! 69.5cm….he is TALL. Alexander is 6 months and only 65cm…so he’s a little shortie like me! Lol.

  2. I don’t have kids, don’t want kids and don’t particularly care for articles about kids, but your little boy really is super cute! :-)

  3. @Trishie: Yeah I felt like this column would create an online archive of memories for me about the lil guy. Actually being too tall has its problems. Not sure if your husband finds that to be so being 6ft. My husband often can’t squeeze into regular economy seats and needs either the exit row or premium economy to be comfy. Oh and he never buys clothes in Asia… LOL! Pants and sleeves are always too short.

  4. @Kiss & Makeup: Aw thanks for coming over and saying that. I’m certainly biased, so I think he’s super cute too!!

  5. Sooooooooo cute! Kisses to Charles from Auntie Lizzie! <3 I nearly died laughing at the part where you found him under the dining table! 😀

  6. @Auntie Lizzie: When the rolling thing clicked in, it was two whole days of finding him in awkward corners and he was constantly yelping to get unstuck since he didn’t really understand the concept of rolling back the other way if he couldn’t keep going in one direction. It was very cute but a relief when the husband set up the playpen!

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