My New Foundation Routine


Hello my fellow beauty warriors, I had a great weekend — Saturday was about friends, hanging out, eating, and celebrating, but Sunday was a day of cleaning, purging, feeling organized and ready for the week. I felt so good tossing out unwanted stuff from my wardrobe, office, and kitchen. Things that are irrelevant, useless, outdated clouded my physical environment, and now they are gone, my soul feels a little more carefree and light-footed.

Part of “the new” that’s been going on is my new foundation routine. I’ve become so tanned from my beach holiday that I couldn’t wear any existing base makeup in my collection. I used my Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua in B20 on what seems like NC30 skin and I looked so weird and mismatched, even with some bronzer. So the minute I got back to Tokyo, I took myself to the drugstore to find a temporary solution.

I didn’t want to spend too much moolah either because autumn will arrive in a month and I’ll probably fade in a few weeks. I’ll be in Australia year end (so it’ll be like a “second” summer and I may get darker again then) so perhaps I could get a high-end foundie to look pretty in my darker skin? Tell me if you think it’s worth it? My eye is on Chanel’s Vitalumiere Aqua in B40.

Okay enough already with the lust talk and let’s focus on my new goodies: Coffret D’Or Silky Fit Pact UV (Moisture Keep) OC-D, 3990JPY (what is with the name??) and Kate BB Gel Cream OC-D, 1575JPY.


I’ve used this pressed powder over the Kate BB Gel Cream and the effect was silky (as the name suggests). I liked that this powder is very buildable and I used only a little to dust over my face. The colour match is great which is the darkest colour in the range.

However, this doesn’t stand up to excessive sweating (but I’ve not met any foundation or powder that can do so) although Kanebo claims this is a long-wearing powder — I had to re-touch my forehead that had gone patchy from the extreme heat and humidity in Tokyo. I don’t get too oily with this powder either so I think it’s a good sign. I reckon that this would only get better in the cooler months. I’m pretty happy with this as a temporary solution, plus the compact is so pretty!


I already knew that the Kate BB Gel Cream would work for me (I have OC-C and here is the review if you would like to read it) so I was delighted to find that the darkest shade, OC-D, suited my newly tanned skin.

I did consider experimenting and going to the counters at a department store — Addiction, NARS, and Chanel came to mind — but I had a meeting the next day and needed something reliable and fast. I figured if this combo didn’t work for me, I would try another brand but I’m pretty jazzed by my new routine and look natural again (no more white pasty face with brown neck!).

Inwardly, I whined to myself how I hated the thought of changing colour and needing to buy new makeup but I’m getting used to “the new me” and liking brown skin on me.

Do you feel that way when you’ve change skin tone? What new foundation/powder have you been loving lately?

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  1. man! i miss those days when bb cream was strong enough coverage for me!! i recently spotted some (preggo) pigmentation that the trusty bb can’t cover…

  2. @zhing: oh no! preggo pigmentation?! that’s a bit of a shame…maybe higher coverage bb cream could work? The Korean ones are always better at that…Or concealer – Laura Mercier’s Secret Concealer is the best methinks…;)

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