My Top 10 Japanese Beauty Products In 2012

***Please remember to watch this in HD – it’s waaaay better!***

Hi my dearies, I decided to do a round up of my top ten Japanese beauty products in 2012 for this week’s Beauty Box TV episode.

I love many brands from all over the world but I want to do a list just for Japanese products mainly because I think my fellow expat sisters could find it useful. Japanese beauty brands are plentiful and thus very confusing, especially if your Japanese is not that strong yet.

When I first arrived in Tokyo, I just wanted someone to tell me what’s good and what’s not, so you have right here what I think are ten solid beauty products that I would repurchase again and again.

Ettusais Acne Skin Version Up Extra
Bifesta Bright Up Uruochi Cleansing Sheets
La Visui Shampoo & Conditioner (you can buy it at Loft)
Coffret D’Or Silky Fit Pact UV (Moisture Keep) OC-D
Maquillage Face Creator 3D No.66
Jill Stuart Eyelash Curler
Integrate Design Veil
Visee feat. Smacky Glam Glam Glow Eyes BR-7 Bitter Brown
Kate BB Gel Cream OC-C & OC-D
Hada Labo Whitening BB Cream Natural Ochre

Want to watch last year’s round up? It’s right here.

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  1. OMG, I need to try these items out. If they can make it into your list, they must be good!

    And Happy New Year to you and your family ♥

  2. @Barbra: Ettusais Acne Skin Version Up Extra is very good for acne prevention and it feels gentle on the skin too.

  3. You got me wanting to try your HG Jill Stuart curler, though I love the Shiseido one from the counters. Happy New Year! :)

  4. Great picks! There are so many Japanese brands I want to try, but they’re so hard for me to get a hold of and I generally don’t like to purchase beauty items sight-unseen from online :/ I’ve heard really good things about Kate cosmetics, though and am also really curious about Kanebo, Addiction, and Suqqu! *sigh*

  5. Hi Becca, I agree it’s a real gamble to buy skincare and cosmetics without being able to test them out in person. Though I personally think you probably can’t go wrong with anything from SUQQU (except base makeup because that is hard to gauge from a website!). The other brands you might want to test them out for quality and colour.

  6. Great picks, and I love that you did a Japanese-products only list. I’m really curious about that quad in Bitter Brown, will have to see if it’s still in stores next time I’m in Asia. Looks gorgeous, especially that pink shade you pointed out.

  7. @Makeup Morsels: Thanks, glad you thought it was a good idea :) Figured there will be many generic lists out there year-end. Sorry but the Visee quad I picked is limited edition. You could try other online stores but Visee does repeat their shadows but in different guises. Love their colours in general.

  8. Hi there,

    Are you the same as the person on Amazon? I love your products you sell – they’re reasonable price, especially the ones in Japan. I’ve been to Japan to buy the makeup products, but unfortunately cannot f ind the same here in the US. Great to know you sell great products that are cheaper than other retailers.

  9. Hi Crystal, yup I’m behind Beauty Box on Amazon too :) Nice to meet you and thank you for the glowing feedback!

  10. Love the video!! I use La Visui too but in the aqua bottle. It works very well on oily scalp (back in summer) and smells heavenly…..!!! Is the pink one more moisturising?

  11. Hi Agnes, ooo you love La Visui too! I haven’t tried the aqua one but I think the pink one is still good for my oily scalp :) And it smells out of this world…I like to buy the travel packs so I can use it while I’m on the road.

  12. I’m sorry Tonie, but I think it’s only available in Japan. Maybe you could try the Body Shop shampoos or Aubrey’s Organics for non-silicone options in the US?

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