What’s the fuss about BB Cream?

I’ve heard so much buzz about BB Cream in the last year that I really want to try this wonder foundation from Korea that is taking Asia by storm.


Several of my Japanese gal pals mentioned that they love this product and wish they could fly to Seoul to pick some up at ridiculously cheap prices, because as most things go, the ones in Japan are quite pricey.

Being the ressionista that I am, I will wait till my current stash of foundation is used up (which is one and a half bottles — sadness).

But, this hasn’t stopped me from wanting to find out more and when the time comes, my fingers will be ready to spread this magic paste on my face. Today, I’d like to share with you what I have found out about BB Cream.

What is BB Cream?
The double B stands for “blemish balm” and its infamy started when a Korean actress underwent laser surgery on her face and she used BB Cream as part of her post-surgery regime.

It was touted to be a healing cream while acting as a way to cover up flaws. By the way, the technology originated from Germany but the Koreans made BB Cream huge in this part of the world.

To put it simply, BB Cream is a foundation that helps your skin rid itself of flaws and softens skin texture over time.

I don’t think it’s one of those products that make you wake up with a new face the next day but with prolonged use, it should improve the quality of your skin.

Who uses BB Cream?
Lots of women, even celebrities — particularly North Asians where the rage started. Southeast Asia is also embracing it but I do wonder if Western markets are interested at all. I do see some US online stores that carry it but I don’t really feel that the hype lasted long from what I see in various high-profile beauty blogs.

Does BB Cream work?
I don’t know. It’s one of those things where some people rave about it and some people diss it.

The raves: all-in-one beauty wonder that usually does all or several of the following products — moisturizer, SPF, acne treatment, wrinkle cream, concealer, and whitening action; flawless finish; improves skin; apparently duskier skin shades can take the single-tone BB Cream but you need to wait for it to oxidize, so it will “blend” into your skin tone.

The criticism: only one or two tones are available and they’re usually suited for fair, yellow tone Asian skin; causes breakouts; and it’s too moisturizing for oily skin; it’s too drying (contrasting reviews always plague products!).

Which are the good brands of BB Cream?
From what I gathered in blogs, shops, and word-of-mouth, there are a handful of very good ones.

Missha gets a lot of excellent reviews and a couple of my friends swear by it.

Skinfood is one of the better known brands but there seems to be many complaints about it in Makeup Alley despite the fact that it includes lots of plant-based ingredients to entice those who love natural products.

Etude House gets some mention but to conflicting opinions. One blogger said it is hard to blend; another said it blends beautifully; but both agreed that the cream only conceals to a certain degree and not all flaws.

Hanskin is definitely above average and got good reviews here, here, and here.

Sinn in Japan seems to be so popular that it gets sold out quickly. It’s the only Japanese BB Cream brand that I’ve heard of.

BRTC is apparently a top-notch BB Cream brand. It’s expensive but truly does the job. The packaging looks a little clinical but I guess it’s what is inside that matters.

Just out of interest, I thought some of you may be keen to read Viva Woman’s experience in making her own DIY BB Cream. It’s truly amazing when the stuff that comes from people in lab coats can be brewed by the average woman.

Alright this wraps up my BB Cream resource research. My conclusion is not to skimp and buy a good brand; start with a small tube; hope for the best; and worst case scenario you can always do a swap.


  1. i love skin food BB cream!!
    the concealation is good!and i feel my skin has become better …
    it is so natural and won’t like wearing a ‘mask’ after apply it!!

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